1/2 of a Double Knee Brace

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Designed for use in tandem, making a tri beam and individually as a single Knee Brace to support a horizontal beam.


All of our Brackets and Knee-Braces are designed to fit a 1 1/4" diameter GL

Instructional Video link: See Below

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  • 5
    great brace

    Posted by Michal on 14th Mar 2020

    The double knee brace is a great option for treehouse support. I love how perfectly it fits on a GL. The brace is heavy and thick, with quality welds, makes for quite a hearty support attachment.

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    1/2 double knee

    Posted by Matthew Agrella-Sevilla on 8th Oct 2019

    What a concept! Installation was a breeze. I'm excited to see it bear the weight I want to it

  • 4
    Strong bracket for bracing beam

    Posted by John on 24th Jan 2017

    These are quite sturdy and not too difficult to install. I used them to attach 2 angle braces to the tree below a cross beam. They are designed to install with a normal GL, although I used a longer 15" and an additional 3" collar for extra strength at the tree since I was going into cedar.

    Installing the braces on these is also relatively simple. Just kerf the bottom of the angle to slide over the knife and rest against the base, and bolt the top of the brace into the bottom of the beam.

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    Needed when beam to be supported runs at tangent to trunk and not radially.

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jul 2015

    Excellent product--I needed to brace either end of a beam held up on two separate trunks of a large maple tree. The tree bulged too much at the central trunk (the crotch was between the garnier limbs and the bottom attachment point of the the braces) to permit a "tribrace" that would have a single attachment point. So I needed two of these, one on each side of the bulge to permit the brace to be in plane with the beam. Secured the brackets with 1-1/4" lags--used grease. The installation looks good and I am confident it will serve well. The trickiest part is marking out the holes in the wood brace (I used 4x6, but may go to paired 2x6 in the future) to align perfectly with the holes in the metal bracket--the brace should bottom securely on the butt plate, so it holds the weight/compression, leaving the bolts to secure the wood to the metal and to work in tension where applicable.