Platform Drawing and Consultation with Treehouse Consultant

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1\2 hour Treehouse consultation with a Treehouse consultant.

We call you.  


Please email us at,  with a description of your treehouse plan or idea.

In your plan include: type and diameter of trees, height you plan to build at, length and width of platform, any 

points of load if you know them, your location(state is fine), any picture of the trees if you can, any other

information you may want us to know and any questions you may have.  Also include phone number and best time to call 

in your email. 


Platform Drawing:

Up too 2 Hours of Drawing. This covers most platform layouts. If you have a more difficult build or need changes, then it will be $50 for each additional hour of Drawing.


Please include in your email a layout of your trees, so we can make a more accurate platform drawing for you

Link for trees Layout instructions:

Examples Drawings on our Plans page:

Drawings will be done in Sketchup Layout PDF

Thank You